Why ‘quat-free’ disinfectant matters in the catering environment

Good hygiene is essential for catering yet many operators may not realise that their cleaning products may in fact be harmful.

Most professional disinfectant products are based on Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, commonly known as ‘quats’. Quats can leave a harmful residue so when used on food contact surfaces in professional kitchens they must be thoroughly rinsed off with plain water after disinfecting. This additional cleaning step is time consuming and inconvenient.

‘Quat-free’ disinfectants provide a one step solution to disinfecting hard surfaces, requiring no extra rinsing after application. This makes it ideal for use on all hard surfaces.

Removing the need to rinse surfaces after disinfection saves time and effort. Combine this convenience with the fact it is completely safe to use in food preparation areas, makes a ‘quat-free’ disinfectant cleaner ideal for use in the catering environment.

Orca Hygiene’s ‘quat-free’ disinfectants are free from quaternary ammonium compounds, bleach, aldehydes and fragrance, which is what makes it completely safe for use on all kitchens and food preparation surfaces, with no extra rinsing.

The Orca Hygiene Quat-Free products are available in both concentrate and ready-to-use versions, and in a range of convenient packaging formats.

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Benefits of using quat free disinfectant cleaner?

  • Quat-free

    No quaternary ammonium compounds, bleach, aldehydes and fragrance meaning no rinsing is required.

  • Taint free

    No residue after use meaning no contamination.

  • Proven to kill bacteria

    Kills 99.999% of bacteria in 30 seconds. Our Orca Quat-Free Disinfectant cleaner is certified to EN1276, EN13697 & EN1650.

Where to use quat-free disinfectant cleaner?

Our quat-free disinfectant is a high-performance antibacterial cleaning agent suitable for all hard surfaces in multiple environments.Although ideal for catering and food manufacturing environments, it is also suitable for cleaning and disinfecting in the following settings:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Washrooms/Bathrooms
  • Retail

For use on all hard surfaces, it is ideal for most high contact surfaces:

  • Worktops, countertops and tabletops
  • Door handles, elevator buttons and light switches
  • Sinks, toilets, sanitary ware and washroom furniture
  • Printers, photocopiers and till systems

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