Heavy duty cleaning solutions produced by Orca.

We create and manufacturer chemistry solutions for a sustainable future.

Orca is a science manufacturing company whose technologies bring benefits to many aspects of daily life.

At Orca we push the boundaries in protecting and caring for people through leading hygiene, infection prevention, and cleaning solutions.

We continually develop and deliver innovative products, services, and technologies that save lives and protect our environment.

Our fully-integrated suite of solutions combines patented chemicals, dosing and dispensing equipment, cleaning machines, services, and digital analysis. We are a trusted partner; serving more than 2,000 customers in over 10 countries with a network of over 100 employees globally.

We provide customers peace of mind by helping maintain their brand integrity so they can focus on growing their business. Through end-to-end repeatable process and services we deliver the highest standards across customer locations to achieve improved operational efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Our Well-equipped laboratories and technical staff form our R&D hub and maintain strict quality control standards

A smarter, safer and healthier world for everyone to enjoy.
To protect and care for people and assets through leading hygiene, infection prevention and cleaning solutions.


Our Brand values are what we stand for and believe in. They act as our guiding principles and set the standard for how our brand should behave across the globe.







The strength of Orca lies around our people – a dedicated body of clear-thinking problem solvers who share a dedication to absolute results. Building relationships with clients and supply chain partners where trust becomes tangible & reliability is second nature.