Why ‘Confirmation of Cleaning’ will be your Customers’ Expectation

While the practical actions of cleaning your business venues and workplaces are vital, so too is letting clients and customers know that hygiene is your top priority.

Remember the days pre-Covid where you saw a cleaning rota tick sheet on the back of a pub toilet door and noticed it hadn’t been updated since last Thursday? Well, you can certainly expect your visitors to be more aggrieved by such laziness in this new world.

Here’s our go-to checklist:

Clarify your policy on all mediums

Use social media to emphasise to your customers how you’re staying on top of cleaning and how you’ll keep people safe. Place signs in your store and doorways, and perhaps consider talking to the local media about offering a perspective on how you’re dealing with the issue of cleaning.

Reinforce your expectations with accessible stations

One of the best ways of showing your cleaning commitment is having something like our sanitising station in sight the minute people enter your venue. Check out our hand sanitising dispensers here. Make it easy for customers to do the right thing.

Make it evident your staff are committed to clean

Communicate your intent by having staff wear the right masks, being seen to be actively cleaning, and having them using something like our hand sanitiser rub at till points.

Use visible rotas for toilet and changing areas

Display a chart showing how often you’ve cleaned these areas, and reflecting what aspects of cleaning are incorporated in your daily regime.

Introducing easy reporting procedures

Make it easy for customers to tell you when they feel there is a cleaning requirement, or that they feel you have fallen short or could improve.

Better they tell you discreetly rather than expose you on social media.

Build on frequent deep cleans (and let your customers see it in action)

‘Deep cleans’ should now become something you look to do far more often than you ever did.

You might want to take a particular day, timeslot or period in the month where you always close to fully clean and to ensure every nook and cranny is again fully and hygienically sanitised.

You could certainly consider sharing this with your customers too, again letting them know that intensive cleaning will always be part of your safety efforts on their behalf.

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