Transport must focus on hygiene to ensure safe travel this Christmas

At present, there are no plans to restrict domestic travel over the festive period. With last year’s Christmas not being what most of us had hoped for, it is no surprise families are desperate to spend this festive period together.

Therefore, as people prepare their journeys to travel home safely for Christmas this winter and minimise the risk of exposure to COVID, we look at ways the public transport sector can help to ensure transport hygiene.

This advice extends beyond the Christmas period as we frequently depend on public transport in the UK. There were 7.9 million passenger journeys on public transport vehicles in 2019/20, according to the Department for Transport.

  1. Use appropriate cleaning products, especially on frequently touched surfaces such as, door handles, hand rails, stop buttons etc.
  2. Ensure you have a cleaning program in place with sufficient frequency of cleaning scheduled in
  3. Place hand sanitiser stations throughout buildings and platforms
  4. Remind passengers to wear a face covering
  5. Encourage ticket purchases online rather than in person at stations

How Orca Hygiene can support the transport sector

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