A look back on 2021 including our top 9 selling products

The past 12 months have flown by! Since launching Orca Hygiene to combat the PPE and hand sanitiser shortage right at the start of the pandemic, this year has seen us expand into a full janitorial range as operational hygiene remains business critical.

Alongside our chemical know-how we have been committed to providing superior customer service and continue to build our resources to help you.

From the Orca customer Path-to-Profit to sample packs, posters and wall charts, we continue to work with our customers to help build back better with good hygiene.

Take a look at our top 9 selling products in 2021:

We’ll sign off 2021 with a big thank you to all our employees, suppliers, resellers and customers who have helped us this year. Bring on 2022 where we have lots of exciting projects to share with you!

We at Orca Hygiene believe that as a company we have a responsibility to continue evolving our products to help create a more sustainable future. Get in touch now to find out how Orca Hygiene can help support your business’ sustainability goals.