OrcaGel supports GOSH and NHS Together Charities in the fight against Covid-19

As part of our Giving Back promise we are proud to extend our support to the Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) Charity and the NHS Charities Together in their incredible work throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

NHS Charities Together

NHS Charities Together give £1 million a day to the NHS, providing vital funds to help the NHS do more. At the time of writing they have raised over £120 million to support NHS staff and volunteers caring for Covid-19 patients.

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Up until very recently, a great number of children were transferred from hospitals across London to GOSH so space in those hospitals could be freed up to focus on adults with COVID-19. GOSH doubled its intensive care capacity to make sure that they could continue to care for the UK’s most seriously ill children. Because of ongoing charitable giving and support, Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital have already been able to help meet some of the hospital’s immediate needs, such as supporting emergency staff accommodation and funding rapid COVID-19 testing equipment.

With many of their major fundraising activities cancelled, Great Ormond Street are predicting a drop of as much as £25 million in the income that supports the hospital this year!

Kiren Chima, Regional Fundraiser at GOSH tells us, “That’s why we really appreciate your support which means so much at this challenging time as it enables us to be able to focus on the recovery process by:

  • Catching up with a large number of patients whose non-urgent treatments were suspended to treat COVID-19 patients.
  • Helping the hospital care for some of those patients remotely and looking to fund technology into tele-medicine, such as wearable devices so children can report on their own health from home.
  • Helping the hospital provide the best experience possible for the many children and their families who still need to come in to GOSH during these difficult times.
  • Providing families with nearby safe accommodation if they need to stay at GOSH during their child’s treatment.”

“Thank you so much for your support for Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) Children’s Charity. Your support for GOSH at this challenging time really means so much, thank you.”

Kiren Chima, Regional Fundraiser at GOSH

“Giving back to charities is at the heart of what we do. The GOSH and NHS charities are doing a wonderful work and we are glad to be able to support in a small way.”

Mark Woodcock, OrcaGel Director

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