OrcaGel Sanitiser Stations support the fight against Covid-19

Companies facing the unprecedented threat of Covid-19 are turning to OrcaGel to reduce risk to staff and visitor, by providing sanitiser stations in high-footfall areas.

Protecting staff and customers is the main priority

Despite the global pandemic, for many businesses and organisations closing their doors is not an option. Most of these places are operating to keep the country’s economy going or to provide an essential service to the public at this incredibly challenging time. And quite rightly, their first consideration is to ensure the safety and protection of their staff and customers — in line with government guidance.

Instant hand sanitiser stations reduce risk

OrcaGel’s all new instant hand sanitising stations are designed specifically for workplaces and public spaces where there is high footfall. By situating them at key touchpoints, such as entrance and exit points, food-handling and bathroom areas, and other areas where the risk of cross contamination is high, you can considerably reduce virus spread.

Making it easy for staff, customers and visitors

Even in the current situation, employees and customers do not always use sufficient amounts of hand sanitiser or clean their hands as frequently as they should. Eye-catching, designated sanitiser stations, with clear visual instructions, encourage the frequent and safe practice of sanitising hands thoroughly and correctly. Supporting you in keeping employees and visitors as safe as possible.

…and easy for you

Those retailers who provide toilets and changing facilities will want to put special effort into these spaces. Use disinfectant sprays regularly, and encourage customers to wipe down baby changing tables by having some water-based disinfectant wipes available.

Reinforcing healthy habits

OrcaGel sanitiser stations come fully assembled, ready to use. The sanitiser gel contains 70% alcohol and meets EN1500 standards. With added aloe vera, it is also moisturising and pleasant on the skin. The dispenser pumps are fed from 5 litre refillable containers of gel, which will keep you up and running for a good period of time — and reduce the need for frequent refills. And, of course, this also reduces the amount of plastic needing to be recycled, versus the equivalent in smaller bottles. Wipeable surfaces support ease of cleaning too.

Meeting your needs

OrcaGel sanitiser stations come in two configurations: single or double-sided. Each side of the station features two hand pumps. So, for busy areas, a double-sided station offers four pumps. And for less busy spaces, the single-sided station offers two. The design of the station itself creates a wipe-clean barrier in the centre of the double-sided station.

Helping you spread the cost

We understand that budgets are being really squeezed during this global pandemic, but that you still need to protect your staff and those who attend your workplace. So we’ve put together two options to help. You can buy the station outright and pay for hand sanitiser refills. Or we’ll happily set up a contract, giving you the stations free of charge, with sanitiser being charged for over the term of the contract. Whatever works best for you and helps you get though this difficult period.

Key features:

  • Delivered fully assembled, ready to go
  • Wipeable surfaces; easy to disinfect
  • Clear instructions for use
  • No-rinse gel
  • 70% alcohol
  • Meets EN1500 standards
  • Easy refill system
  • Reduces plastic waste
  • 2 or 4 pump stations
  • Payment options

Learn more

We are proud to be doing our part in the fight against Covid-19 and will continue to support our customers who are on the front-line. If you would like to know more about our sanitiser stations, or any of our other products, please get in touch. We’re ready to help.

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