Keeping Clean After Reopening – Top Tips for the Beauty Sector

You made it through the initial reopening.

You carried out the deep-clean, messaged your protocol and expectations to all your clients, and you even completed the beauty industry’s online training about cleanliness regimes.

Now what?

How do you ensure that the ‘close contact work’ which you in the beauty industry carry out on a daily basis, remains at the very height of hygiene standards?

Here are our top 5 tips for ensuring you do so as we head into what we hope will be a very busy and successful summer for your sector.

  • 1. Reinforce the Message

    Never grow tired of emphasising the message about your cleanliness regime to your clients, and to your staff. It’s vital everyone is continually reminded what is expected of them. Place posters in your venue and issue updated reminders on your social media.

  • 2. Make Cleaning Easy and Obvious

    Place a hand sanitiser station or smaller dispensers in the salon which will act as a visual reminder of what’s expected. Larger stations ensure that you won’t have to continually think about topping up supplies. We have a selection of suitable dispensers here.

  • 3. Surface Safe

    Use a strong virucidal surface disinfectant for all areas where customers are likely to regularly have placed items down and picked them up. Something like our S17 ADVANCED+ Virucidal Surface Disinfectant Concentrate is perfect, and great against the virus.

  • 4. Go Professional on Your Laundry Cleaning

    If you’re continuing to use washable towels, rather than disposable ones, opt for the best level of professional grade washing product to keep such items scrupulously clean and fresh. You can also use our laundry products for staff uniforms.

  • 5. Touch it, Treat it

    There are so many items you’ll be touching frequently throughout your salon day, such as combs, hairdryers, scissors, files, brushes and more.
    Opt for a virucidal disinfectant spray for such items and make sure you use this as part of your regime every time you take a break between clients.

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