Hygiene is key to keeping performance levels high in manufacturing businesses

One of the biggest lessons learnt from the pandemic is that the health of the workforce is paramount in ensuring production can run smoothly without disrupting productivity.

According to Make UK, UK manufacturing currently employs 2.7 million people. It is vitally important to protect this workforce against outbreaks of illness to prevent some of the impacts poor hygiene has on manufacturing:

  • Increased levels of absenteeism, contributing to downtime on the production floor
  • Reduced productivity and efficiency risking decline in output
  • Possible loss of business if service levels fall
  • Damage to business’ reputation

Putting in place good hygiene, ensuring the safety of staff and visitors, throughout manufacturing companies will help to keep performance levels high.

A few hygiene areas you can focus on to help keep employees protected from the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses:

1. Encourage frequent handwashing

In any production facility, there are many hot spots where germs can easily be transferred from hands. Many diseases and conditions are spread by not washing hands properly with soap and clean, running water. It is, therefore, essential to provide hand soap at hand washing stations.

If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol to minimise the spread of germs. We suggest having hand sanitiser stations in high traffic areas.

H5 Antibacterial Hand Soap

H8 Alcohol-Free Sanitiser Rub

H1 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel

H2 80% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Rub

H4 Promotional 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser

2. Increase surface cleaning and disinfecting with effective chemicals

Surfaces, especially any shared equipment, should be cleaned and disinfected appropriately. We suggest disinfecting these areas several times throughout the day, with surface wipes. Our W11 virucidal Surface Disinfectant Wipes have a powerful sanitising formula that kills viruses and bacteria on surfaces.

3. Continue physical distancing where possible & update work schedules to minimise cross over of staff

Although social distancing guidance no longer applies, COVID-19 can still be spread through social contact. By remaining disciplined in keeping your distance from other workers when moving around, you can mitigate this risk.

If possible, update work schedules to minimise the cross over or staff.

4. Communication

As protocols are updated to take into account changing advice, it is important to make sure the workforce know what is required from them. Announcements and well as displaying visual signs to serve as a reminder are really helpful. Check out our collection of print-ready wall charts and posters.

We also suggest you look at guidance from the UK government for people who work in or run offices, factories, plants, warehouses, labs and research facilities and similar indoor environments for the latest advice.

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