Hygiene & Hospitality – What to Expect After Lockdown

With hopes rising that we might soon be able to look forward to sociable meet-ups and friendly gatherings in our favourite pubs, restaurants and cafes, it’s no wonder hospitality business owners are beginning to assess stocks of hygiene products.

Thankfully, access to sanitiser, trade grade disinfectants, masks and visors is now considerably better than it was at the early stages of the pandemic, but that certainly doesn’t mean supply channels can be taken for granted at a time when thousands of venues will be preparing to open the door at the same time.

Perhaps the most significant change we’re likely to see since the last prolonged period of hospitality venues being open, is that customers now anticipate sanitisation stations and increased cleaning.

It’s no longer viewed as ‘peculiar’ or ‘precious’, but as a daily endeavour we’re all accustomed to – and thus our expectations on business owners will be heightened.

Also different, is an increased emphasis and desire with regards to wanting to meet the hygiene solution in a more ‘conscientious’ and ‘sustainable’ manner.

At Orca Hygiene, we’ve expanded our range specifically with this in mind. Our range of hand gels and wipes has been enhanced with the addition of easy to use dispense stations and the innovative Orca Box, regarded as one of the UK’s market leading sustainable hygiene solutions, thanks to its fully recyclable bag and 66% plastic waste reduction. Also popular and creating much demand among those hotels and bars preparing for customers, is our surface disinfectant range. These are created with a 70% alcohol formula and are even suitable for frequent use by hospital staff.

Our new complete range of hygiene and janitorial supplies also includes catering specific products including a range of quat-free disinfectants that are food safe as well as washing up detergents, dishwasher products, degreasers, drain unblocker, descaler and beerline cleaner. Get in touch with us now to request a preview of our new brochure.

Key to success for hygiene in hospitality environments is undoubtedly a mix of preparation, training, signage and stock control.

Here are Orca’s five top tips for those of you who run hospitality businesses and are now turning your attention to this important requirement:

  1. Consider what quantities of cleaning consumables you need in time for reopening, and check dates on any products which had been in use before your last closure.
  2. Carry out staff training / refresher training with regards to the government’s recommendations on increased hand-washing frequency.
  3. Update signage and sanitisation points for customers, identifying areas in your venue where visitors are expected to utilise dispensers.
  4. Consider issuing all staff with a hygiene pack, demonstrating your commitment to them and to customers. You can put your own pack together, to include such items as face masks, sanitiser gel and hand wipes, or look at a pre-made pack like the Orca one here: https://orcahygiene.com/face-masks-and-visors
  5. Be sure to clarify to all staff your policy for hygienic disposal of wipes, masks and visors, with reference to who should be advised of new order requirements.

For more information about any of our products, or to discuss what might be appropriate for your reopened venues, contact us on info@orcagel.com.

We at Orca Hygiene believe that as a company we have a responsibility to continue evolving our products to help create a more sustainable future. Get in touch now to find out how Orca Hygiene can help support your business’ sustainability goals.