Give your business a competitive advantage

We know that many distributors of janitorial cleaning products and industrial resellers of cleaning chemicals are experiencing high price inflation and continual supply chain disruptions. We have a solution for you – no pun intended!

You can gain competitive advantage by stocking Orca Hygiene cleaning products.

By switching to an agile, UK based manufacturer of health and hygiene chemicals at the forefront of mixing modern formulas, like us, it will give you a competitive advantage that can be passed on to your customers. This comes from numerous factors; notably our modern formulas, assured supply and resultant lower prices.

The impact from the pandemic and Brexit on the chemical and manufacturing industry has made access to affordable cleaning supplies tougher to acquire. According to the Office for National Statistics, one third of businesses in manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade reported global supply chain disruption, because of COVID-19 and Brexit.

At Orca Hygiene, we have made strategic decisions to minimise the impact from these events. Our raw materials are sourced close to our factory, where we manufacture and bottle our chemicals in our own production facilities in the UK so you can expect ongoing, predictable supply.

Suppliers of cleaning products were affected during the pandemic because 73% of chemical imports came from the EU, according to the House of Commons Library. As an end-to-end producer, we can ensure that our clients and customers receive their cleaning supplies without delay with our fast next day delivery.

The pandemic has also highlighted that professional hygiene customers expect and deserve more from their suppliers. We provide an opportunity for your business to thrive as we enjoy partnerships with companies that share similar values to enable fast and profitable growth for both the distributor and Orca Hygiene. With our technical field expertise, we can develop and go beyond expectations to find a solution to any cleaning problem. Our modern, innovative formulas and adaptability put us at the forefront of manufacturing cleaning chemicals.

Rising inflation and an increase in raw material costs, as well as limited availability of petrochemical ingredients that are used in the manufacturing of chemicals, has had a major impact on the cost of cleaning chemicals.

Chemical manufacturers that perform on a larger scale can’t adapt as quickly to global factors that impact their supply and demand of materials that are delivered from outside the UK. As a result, they are charging more for their products that then affect the sales and availability of products for distributors and customers.

At Orca we can adjust the cost for the individual cleaning challenge because we care about developing affordable and powerful cleaning products. Orca can quickly react and utilise modern formulation technology to create bespoke solutions for customers and clients.

These factors enable us to produce more affordable, high-quality products with uninterrupted supply.

We are always looking to work collaboratively with distributors to produce chemicals with highly competitive pricing rates.

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