Gel vs Liquid: What’s the difference?

Both liquid and gel alcohol-based hand sanitisers can be equally effective if the alcohol content is within the range of 60-95%. So what is the difference and how should you pick?

Liquid Hand Sanitiser

  • Liquid hand sanitiser acts rapidly and dries very quickly.
  • It can be early dispensed or transferred which makes it suitable for refill stations and use in public places.
  • The watery consistency can however make it difficult to handle as accidental spillage often occurs.
  • Controlling the optimal dose of sanitiser left on the hands can also be difficult which may lead to reduced product efficacy.

Gel Hand Sanitiser

  • Gel hand sanitiser is convenient to dispense on-the-go due to it’s consistency and low risk of spillage.
  • It evaporates slowly which increases the effectiveness of alcohol in eliminating contaminating organisms.
  • It takes longer to get absorbed by the skin because of it’s thick consistency but it has the benefit of being gentle on the hands thus making it suitable for repeated use.

We manufacture hand sanitiser gels and liquid rubs in both alcohol and alcohol free formulas to suit all needs. All of our sanitisers meet the necessary standards and are proven to kill 99.999% of bacteria. Our hand sanitiser formulas come in a wide variety of formats and our 70% alcohol gel and 80% alcohol rub are now both available in the new Orca-box.

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