Can a Clean Regime Conquer Fears Among Anxious Staff Returners?

With such high rates of vaccinations in the UK, and with the roadmap continuing to shift toward a more ‘normal’ way of living, it’s no wonder offices and workplaces are eyeing the prospect of getting their staff back together again.

But, however much we might once have looked forward to being alongside our colleagues and sharing those water-cooler moments, there’s an increasing amount of evidence to suggest that some staff are feeling so anxious they might even hand in their notice. Research from Personio earlier this year unearthed that 27% of employees would rather resign than be forced back to the office.

High up on the fears for many of these more reluctant returners, is the fear about cleanliness, safety, and, ultimately, protection from the virus. This makes a thorough clean regime incredibly important for any employer – not only because it’s the ‘right’ thing to do according to government guidance, but because it’s the one obvious way to help reassure your staff that you’re looking after them, and all visiting clients and customers.

So what does that reassuring clean regime look like?

  • We suggest articulating your policy on cleaning to all of your staff, both in written form prior to their return, and in your first verbal conversation opportunity when they do make their transition back to the workplace.
  • Before staff settle back into the new schedule – whether that’s full-time or on a flexible basis – go for a ‘deep clean’ approach to all areas of the workplace, including toilets, kitchen facilities, entrance areas, workstations and any communal spaces. We have area-specific products, but our S16 Advanced+ Surface Disinfectant Cleaner with its anti-viral formulation is a sought-after product for surfaces. Don’t forget large areas like the floors, which can easily be tackled with the likes of our L13 Floor Gel.
  • Introduce cleaning stations to the workplace too. This not only encourages staff to keep cleaning their hands but acts as a reassuring sign of your commitment too. Check out our Hand Hygiene range and Sanitiser Dispensers.
  • Have in place a schedule for daily cleaning and consider bringing your staff in on that responsibility. Purchase products specific to the particular areas of your workspace, and ensure staff know which they can use for what.
  • You might also want to distribute something like our Sterispaces Personal Protection Hygiene Packs to your staff on their return. This gives them hand sanitiser and disinfectant spray to use throughout the day, plus a face mask too.

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