Benefits of concentrate cleaning chemicals

Less packaging, less transport, less storage

One of the biggest obstacles facing the chemical industry is environmental sustainability, driven by the rising impact of climate change and the need to lower carbon emissions to prevent this.

At Orca, we are continually investing in our sustainability practices, focusing on ways to decarbonize and maximise recycling technologies to lower both our carbon footprint and our customers.

A simple way to make a positive environmental impact is to use concentrate cleaning chemicals, products that are diluted before use. The benefits of using concentrate cleaning products are numerous.

Orca Hygiene’s concentrated cleaning solutions have been developed with our commitment to create more sustainable products without compromising on cleaning power or performance.

Less plastic waste

Concentrated cleaning solutions can be diluted down to the recommended rate depending on the individual cleaning problem. As a result, you don’t need to stock up on as much of the product as the cleaning concentrate lasts longer – Orca’s 5L jerry cans are the same as 166 ready to use (RTU) bottles. By buying concentrate and using a single refill spray bottle, considerably less plastic is being used.

G9 Heavy Duty Degreaser Concentrate

Our G9 Heavy Duty Degreaser Concentrate is favoured for use in kitchens and industrial environments, with RTU labels available for the triggers.

According to an IPSOS survey, 86% of Britons ‘prefer products that use as little packaging as possible’. Orca’s concentrated cleaning refill pouches and 5L jerry cans reduce the amount of plastic packaging and waste that would be created if these were single use products.

Less transport, lower carbon footprint

Using concentrates and refilling also reduces carbon emissions that would be increased in the transport of large quantities of diluted products.

S22 Washroom Cleaner Concentrate

Our S22 Washroom Cleaner Concentrate and disinfectant has a concentrated formula that is long-lasting and minimizes future packaging and plastic waste with the available refill pouch. This product is ideal for toilets and washroom areas and has a powerful cleaning action against limescale marks, washroom soils and grime.

Recyclable packaging

We also have clear on-pack communication on our concentrated products to ensure that they enter the right recycling stream and not in landfill. Plastic that enters landfills takes up to 1,000 years to decompose and creates toxic substances that enter the soil and water, according to the UN environment programme. With 99% of our packaging being recyclable we are reducing the amount of waste entering these landfills and reducing our impact on the environment.

Orca’s concentrated cleaning solutions promote the reuse of packaging, reducing plastic waste and reducing carbon footprint with less volume being delivered. It also requires less storage.

Furthermore, choosing the right cleaning product for the task at hand will ensure better performance, contributing further to less waste. Our team can help make sure you are buying the correct janitorial products to maximise efficiency and save you time and the environment at the same time.

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We at Orca Hygiene believe that as a company we have a responsibility to continue evolving our products to help create a more sustainable future. Get in touch now to find out how Orca Hygiene can help support your business’ sustainability goals.